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Zidi Products

Zidi products are avcoado based. We make jam, salsa, ice cream and smoothies. Avocado during the high season are in plenty hence the supply exceeds demand. However alot of it ...

UGX 30,000,000

UGX 0 Raised

42 Days Left

Coffee campaign

The coffee campaign will mainly aim at sensitising People in Uganda on the various techniques on how farmers can increase productivity and more so encourage the non growers also get ...

UGX 20,000,000

UGX 0 Raised

20 Days Left


Access to financial services, including secure efficient banking, is critical to reducing poverty and stimulating sustainable economic growth. And yet, approximately 95% of Uganda’s citizens have limited or no ...

UGX 40,000,000

UGX 0 Raised

11 Days Left

Seeds of Hope Orphanage Organisation (SHOO)

"Education is the true heritage"

Seeds of Hope Orphanage Organisation is a community based organization (CBO) and a charity project working with orphans, widows, pygmies and people with disabilities around ...

UGX 45,000,000

UGX 1,185,240 Raised

14 Days Left