A bright day of an Albino

A bright day of an Albino



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This campaign started on Oct. 10, 2019 and will close on Nov. 20, 2019.

Iragi Zabona Dezaira
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I'm by the name Iragi Zabona Dezaira an artist Journalist freelancer refugee, living and working in Uganda Nakivale Refugee Settlement

With stage name Dezaira Bin Zabona 

Back in 2017 my photo was selected for the mobile phone photo competition, luckily I was selected at the Third Place countrywide, as the only foreigner on the top Ten. By that I was gifted with a DSLR Canon 5D mark 2 with a kit lens of 50mm. bad enough from the field while I was working on a short documentary about LGBT Refugees I was mugged and the equipments I was using were taken away from me , as I was using my friend's gadgets I had to work hard to pay him back, and get my 5D Mark 2 back , and now as I have it, though it's the Body only as my 50mm was as well stolen in the bag with my friend's gadgets. I'm planning to shoot another documentary I was working on the script for the past years "A Bright day of an Albino" . But the issue is that I only have the body , I strongly believe that with your support I can get accessories (lenses CF card extra battery )needed to make this story of Albinos in the settlement be known.

Thank you

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