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Fisheries students of Makerere University (FISAMU) are an association which unites not only the fisheries students and the fisheries lecturers but also brings together the Alumni, the fish farmers and ...

UGX 2,400,000

UGX 0 Raised

85 Days Left

500 Smiles- Girl Child Empowerment

Kaleke Kasome is about ensuring that the children we care for are in an environment that empowers and builds them up to reach their God given potential. We believe that ...

UGX 45,000,000

UGX 5,000 Raised

80 Days Left

Acquire a mini mango juice processor

Moyo district in Madi Sub region, West Nile, Northern Uganda is blessed with plenty of grafted and non grafted mango trees. 

However the only way to consume the abundant fruits ...

UGX 3,500,000

UGX 0 Raised

31 Days Left

Help me to print Agricultural Books


The Modern Farm: The Realities About Poultry Farming, First Edition, 2017 publishing arose out of the fact that poultry farming as a field in Agriculture has no standard ...

UGX 10,000,000

UGX 2,000 Raised

98 Days Left


hello everyone, iam enock  wodulo kindly requesting for ugx 900,000 to process my express passport and bus fares to zambia to secure my new job offer.

UGX 900,000

UGX 2,000 Raised

8 Days Left

Send Me To WSDC 2018!

Hello everyone.

My name is Aidah Namukose and I am a Year 13 student at GEMS Kampala. I am soon completing my A Levels after which I will further my ...

UGX 15,000,000

UGX 385,185 Raised

38 Days Left

Green Community Campaign

The Green Community Campaign is intended to build a strong cadre of school and community ambassadors who are knowledgeable about protecting their environment inorder to mitigate and adapt to climate ...

UGX 1,500,000

UGX 2,000 Raised

0 Days Left

Help me start a Poultry Farm with 500 birds

My name is Jean. I live in Wakiso. Am interested in rearing 500 layers starting this June.

I need help to get started. I want to be Uganda's biggest ...

UGX 5,200,000

UGX 0 Raised

6 Days Left

Stem Cell Therapy for Jerome

Jerome is described by teachers and medics as a genius. With an amazing knowledge of computers that he self taught.

Jerome was however diagnosed with autism, a condition that is ...

UGX 40,000,000

UGX 0 Raised

36 Days Left

Fund The Ground Zero Battles

Ground Zero Battles is a grass roots organization created by SSEBUNNYA EDGAR. The objective is to engage local Ugandan youth through the use of hip hop as a tool to ...

UGX 1,500,000

UGX 0 Raised

36 Days Left

Register my Enterprise

When I became a fellow under Building Tomorrow Uganda in 2015, I worked with schools in rural communities and Uganda. I carried out research and realized that most schools perform ...

UGX 2,500,000

UGX 0 Raised

51 Days Left

Help $0.88 Coffee donations for our disadvataged Learners!

Donate to brighten the future of disadvantaged children in Christ Towers Junior School Kiboga, a limited School Company by Guarantee, , Reg. No. 192070, in Uganda

Last Night one Parent Donated ...

UGX 1,650,000

UGX 25,500 Raised

6 Days Left


help me in this journey as i fight against this heart tumor (cyst)

UGX 50,000,000

UGX 2,000 Raised

6 Days Left

A bone for the backbone

Hello friends! I’d like to take a moment to tell you a story if you’ll indulge me. I cannot promise spells, thrills or a throne of swords but ...

UGX 50,000,000

UGX 5,000 Raised

6 Days Left