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Tuition for an agriculturist

A 25 year old boy with a passion for agriculture is looking for funds to go back to achool. He has a certificate in agricultural studies but wishes to upgrade ...

UGX 2,000,000

UGX 0 Raised

27 Days Left

Help Brian Makumbi. He's slowly losing his sight to glacouma

He dealt with this oddness until 2005 when one day, while attending class at St Charles Lwanga Secondary School in Mubende District, he started experiencing unclear vision. This time round ...

UGX 50,000,000

UGX 1,000 Raised

100 Days Left

we need you

there's an immediate need for a better water access before it gets worse in this community, piped water will be the best or a borehole since this water they ...

UGX 3,000,000

UGX 0 Raised

49 Days Left

the granny i found along needs a house

while doing a project an an orphanage was when i saw that this granny needs a house before this falls and hurting her also

in this community not only her ...

UGX 8,000,000

UGX 5,000 Raised

94 Days Left

Stillwater Church Construction Fund

This fundraising is aimed at sourcing for funds for the construction of Seventh-day Adventist Church Stillwater Entebbe, Uganda. It has been a challenging project which needs to be quickened up ...

UGX 50,000,000

UGX 0 Raised

100 Days Left

Help me raise some start-up capital for a kids center

Hello friends and family am glad to share with you my campaign for startup. Am opening Jenan Kids center,  Jean kids center is an outlet that is focusing bringing quality ...

UGX 7,000,000

UGX 10,000 Raised

35 Days Left

Help AWOC protect a water source in northern Uganda

8 million people in Uganda have no access to safe water (WaterAid, 2016). In Apala and Abia Sub-Counties in northern Uganda, many depend on unprotected springs and rivers. This project ...

UGX 18,500,000

UGX 50,000 Raised

71 Days Left

Help ECOaction support children of Banda community, Uganda

Garbage collectors of Banda unplanned settlement in Kampala city are vulnerable, marginalised and stigamatised. ECOaction supports them by buying the plastic bottles they collect and supporting their children's education ...

UGX 25,000,000

UGX 757,000 Raised

71 Days Left

Help Ocan Joseph get back to Business

I am Ocan Joseph, a male Ugandan, aged 41 years old, a person with physical disability, with one wife and two children. I am a resident of Majengo 'B' cell ...

UGX 6,000,000

UGX 0 Raised

8 Days Left

Gose Needs Support As His Wife Delivers His first Baby

I decided to create this crowdfunding campaign site looking for support towards my wife as she will be delivering our first born baby by the end of march but currently ...

UGX 1,500,000

UGX 0 Raised

9 Days Left

Seeking Sponsors To Secure Re-Employment

Thanks for looking at my campaign. I am a 29-year-old Ugandan urgently seeking re-employment as a driver and am looking for a little help to kick start my career.

I ...

UGX 577,555

UGX 47,657 Raised

70 Days Left

We are starving and school fees for 5 children

We are starving with my entire family and my children were chased away from school last year and this year i do not know how they shall be going back ...

UGX 19,900,000

UGX 1,000 Raised

71 Days Left

Support Gift Fight Cancer

Fellow Ugandans, please help a fellow sister,mother and a daughter to raise UGX 10,000,000 that will help her travel to india for her last cancer treatment session.

UGX 10,000,000

UGX 0 Raised

2 Days Left