Bringing clean energy closer to 3000 rural households in kib

Bringing clean energy closer to 3000 rural households in kib


Kiboga district, central Uganda

60,000 Raised

of UGX 3,700,000 Goal

2% Funded
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This campaign started on Oct. 6, 2018 and will close on Feb. 1, 2019.

Center for eco learning Uganda
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Imagine leaving school at 5pm and on arriving home you have to prepare dinner for your parent's, fetch water for the household, fetch firewood for the next day and heading to the bush to graze goats or cows among other things school going children in kiboga and kyankwanzi districts go through. While the child in the urban area will be engaged in similar activities such as doing house chores but they have access to electricity and on finishing to their house chores they will switch on the light and read at least a topic or story. However the child in kiboga and kyankwanzi on completing his or her chores they have one option which is to sleep since they lack access to clean,safe and cheap energy to help them also read. This child in kiboga and kyankwanzi districts is likely to drop out due to bad performance or more so go get married so as to secure a future.  This is the  main reason of raising this money, to enable us establish and manage 100 saving groups of at least 30 members in kiboga and kyankwanzi districts located in central Uganda whose main purpose is to acquire solar energy for every individual in the saving group. This helps the members of these groups which are mainly rural to save and be able to acquire solar energy for lighting and charging their phones. This initiative will help over 8000 children living in these homes to have more time to read and perform better which increases there chances to stay in school and advance their studies. This will help the girl child mostly because they will have increased time for their academic and study activities such as doing extra Reading. This initiative will also allow mothers more time to carry out domestic activities that can raise some income for their homes such as weaving baskets at night. It will also improve on the wellbeing of the member's of these households in terms of reduced medical expenses that result from using energy that produces toxic gases like kerosene that is the most common one. It also improves on the security at home, lighting creates an opportunity to defend your self from danger especially persons who steal children for child sacrifice rituals that is dominant in kiboga and kyankwanzi districts. Using solar energy will enable these families have access to information as they can be able to purchase phones and charge them. This also helps them to keep in touch with their friends and family at any point in time. The saving schemes help the community members to learn how to save which is important for them as low income earners. The use of solar will help the members save a lot of money that is spent on buying daily kerosene for light. In the long run the environment will be kept clean of various fumes that cause disease's to all members of the community which result from using products like kerosene. So kindly support this initiative and share your experience of having access to lighting every night with this child in Kiboga and kyankwanzi districts. Together we can build a future doctor, teacher, lawyer and the next Member of Parliament of this region by making a simple donation here.

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