A Project to alleviate graduate unemployment in Uganda

A Project to alleviate graduate unemployment in Uganda


Kampala, Uganda

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Creating a Fashion Brand that will create numerous employment avenues for Graduates

A vibrant Fashion Industry has the propensity of accommodating a huge workforce, employing everyone from design, illustration, graphic communication, marketing logistics, media, and consultancy among others. All these related industries play a major role to bring fashion products to the doorsteps of the final consumer. Although the Fashion Industry has the capacity to absorb a number of graduates, unemployment rate is expeditiously assuming an alarming proportion in Uganda as annually, a new batch of university and polytechnic graduates feed into the existing unemployed group. 


Our study sought to investigate the potential effect of a vibrant fashion industry in alleviating graduate unemployment in Uganda. The importance of this company is to bridge the gap between unemployed skillfully trained manpower and the huge potential market for dynamic fashion products that is ever increasing with population growth to create value.


Youth unemployment is a growing and critical policy challenge in many Sub-Saharan African countries


A new youth entrepreneur Company is helping to address the youth unemployment problem

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