Distribution of elevator kitchens to 8500 refugee families

Distribution of elevator kitchens to 8500 refugee families


BIDIBIDI refugee settlement

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This campaign started on Jan. 8, 2019 and will close on March 8, 2019.

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Title of the project

Distributing elevator rods to help refugee women and women from host community improve cooking conditions with traditional cook-stoves in Bidibidi, Yumbe District.

Project summary

In July 2018, Sun24 commissioned SAGE Uganda, a social enterprise business with interests in production and export of chia seeds, environmental and entrepreneurial education. On learning about the Elevator cook-stoves from SUN24, SAGE Uganda took up interest and piloted the cook-stoves project for the poorest. The cook-stove for the poorest is a traditional cook-stove with three stones using firewood on a metal elevator rod while cooking. This cook-stove test was carried out from June 2 to August 2, 2018 at Mbaro Akworo Village, Nyaravur Sub County, Nebbi District and in Bidibidi, Yumbe District. The project involved more than 50 women from different households in Nyaravur and 100 refugee women from Bidibidi refugee camp. Following this successful initial pilot of the Elevator Kitchen, in September 2018, SUN24 donated two tons of the 6mm ribbed rods sufficient to serve 20,400 traditional kitchens with a single design elevator rod. It is therefore noteworthy that this elevator kitchen does not use too much wood; it is safer to use; it takes less time to cook; it is smarter and not too messy. It also retains heat for use for the next cooking, lights faster, and emits less smoke. This will enable refugee women and women from the host community to respond to a wide range of health, economic and environment issues as described above.

Activities Proposed

  • -Cutting and bending elevators
  • -Transportation of elevators to Bidibidi
  • -Selection of participants/beneficiaries
  • -Training beneficiaries on the utilization
  • -Monitoring & evaluation


To distribute cut and bent metal rod elevator kitchens to 10,000 refugee women and women from host community in Bidibidi, Yumbe District by January 31, 2019

Expected results

At least 10,000 refugee women and women from host community in Bidibidi trained on utilization of and acquired metal rod elevator kitchens by January 31, 2019


1st -31st January 2019

Suggested Costs: US $2,000

  • -US $ 200 to pay for cutting and bending cost of elevators
  • -US $ 300 to pay for transportation cost of elevators from Kampala to Bidibidi
  • -US $ 300 to conduct mobilization activities and selection of participants/beneficiaries of the elevators
  • -US $ 1,000 for training and demonstration on how it works
  • -US $ 200 to conduct monitoring & evaluation activities on ground

Monitoring & Evaluation

To ensure achievement of the set objectives and value for the money, we will monitor and evaluate the processes of the proposed project at every stage to ascertain whether they are done correctly at the given time frame. Beneficiaries will be asked to respond to a questionnaire about the frequency and use of the elevated cook-stove; like or don’t like the elevated cook-stove; usage of firewood; smoke levels emitted; length of cooking time; what they like most about the stove; general thoughts about the stove and ash measures.


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