Emergency Food Relief Fund

Emergency Food Relief Fund


Mityana, Uganda

50,000 Raised

of UGX 3,800,000 Goal

1% Funded
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This campaign started on May 31, 2020 and will close on June 30, 2020.

Stuart Muganzi
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Hi, my name is Stuart Muganzi and I'm the Executive Director, Founder, CEO at Villages of HOPE Ministries. Since 2014, we have been supporting HIV/AIDS-orphans and vulnerable populations in Mityana, Uganda.

One of the targets of VoH Ministries is to cultivate a strong, safe community for women and children by providing education centered around literacy, arts, technology, and health.

During the unpredictable time of COVID-19, however, the impact of VoH Ministries has looked very different. VoH Ministries has had to close all programming until further notice and can no longer provide direct education. As a testement to the organizations profound impact, focus has been shifted to providing food relief and addressing the current struggles of women and children in Mityana.

To put these struggles in perspective:

- Families are experiencing devastating food shortages

- Individuals who lived day-to-day completing jobs have no income or savings to provide for their families and buy what little food is available

- These stresses are tearing apart family structures and, where those are not allowed to move freely because of the lockdown, leaving many to endure abuse at home

Through COVID-19 relief fundraising, VoH Ministries seeks to provide immediate food relief


So far VoH Ministries has been able to reach over 150 families and 8 elderly homes in the community with food packages but many are still in need of support.

- $1,000 will be enough to support 40 households in the community and some extra for the orphanage that takes full care of 13 orphans.

- Each household has an average of 5 members, so this will indirectly reach over 200 family members

- With recent $300 donation raised offline from friends in the USA and €100 from France, we have purchased more food bags and we will distribute it on June 1, Monday. (Pictures will be posted on Facebook)

Exchange Rate: $1 = UGX 3,500

To find out more about Villages of HOPE Ministries, here are some helpful links:



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vhope.org

P.s: Please check out our recent community outreach albums on either our Facebook page or contact me here - m.me/stuart.muganzi

I hope you will consider giving to this pressing cause, any and all amounts are appreciated!

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