Establish TMM's Home for 12 Artists Out of Kampala Slums

Establish TMM's Home for 12 Artists Out of Kampala Slums


Mayuge, Eastern Uganda

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This campaign started on Sept. 8, 2019 and will close on Dec. 1, 2019.

Ochieng Kennedy
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In January 2019, twelve young men gathered in Mayirinya Village where Ken operates and they shared their talent and gifts they have developed through music. Like most cities in Uganda, the streets in Kampala are crowded with young people who have fled villages like Mayirinya in hopes of a better quality of life and opportunities to thrive. However, they are likely to end up homeless and struggling there as well. Many of these street kids are highly talented musicians, dancers, and singers. Rather than feeling victimized and entitled, they celebrate being alive every day with their high energy street performances.

"The Music Movement" was founded by Mr. Ochieng Kennedy and Ms. Naomi Colb to support talented young performers who offer positive content to become visible and thrive whilst empowering local farmers with permaculture knowledge and tools to establish the roots of sustainability with their land and develop their communities. We help them to become visible, prosperous and philanthropic. When performers join the movement, they pledge 20% of their gross income to rural farming villagers who are practicing certified, organic permaculture.

We are looking for support of US $5000 to establish the TMM headquarters in Kampala from that;

- TMM houses 12 of these "20-somethings" in a group home in Kampala. Successful, professional musicians, songwriters, singers and dancers coach these young people to develop their talent.

- TMM Artists record and produce their first album in the first 6 months, working to secure one or two hit songs that open doors for our artists into the national and international music events and performances, we currently hold local concerts and regional events within eastern Uganda. You can listen to some of these talented young artists under "The Rich Kid" label on Youtube and follow the progress of that project here: or

- TMM pays rent for a SMALL separate office as well with phone, computer, unlimited internet and smart phone with good camera to capture street performances we can post to PATREON and mailing address.

- TMM Completes the NGO application. With NGO status, we can then apply to other aligned NGOs for Support, i.e. instruments, costumes, training scholarships, etc..

FUTURE FUNDING: With our artists producing music and videos, we plan to launch our PATREON site and enable our fans to support our on-going efforts for supporting artists from the streets of Kampala to stardom. Our Plan: 500 fans x $5 = $2500/month plus future weekly afternoon dance events and possible income from talents contributing 20% of their gross.The housing and recording studio are funded in the future from our PATREON fans.

We appreciate your support and for any questions please write to us directly via: or

We thank you for supporting us,

Mr. Ken Ochieng :

Ms. Naomi Colb :

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