Help AWOC protect a water source in northern Uganda

Help AWOC protect a water source in northern Uganda


Alebtong District, Uganda

100,000 Raised

of UGX 18,500,000 Goal

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This campaign started on Feb. 25, 2019 and will close on June 1, 2019.

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8 million people in Uganda have no access to safe water (WaterAid, 2016). In Apala and Abia Sub-Counties in northern Uganda, many depend on unprotected springs and rivers. This project will protect a water source which is a well. This well is not protected and prone to contamination, with humans and animals using the same water source and water quality deteriorating drastically. Four hundred people depend on this well. With just $5000, the well can be protected with casing, walls, protection to prevent injuries by falling into the well, erosion control structures, a separate outlet for water to flow for use by animals and community meetings and trainings to ensure sustainability. 

The project will be implemented by Apala Widows and Orphanage Center (AWOC), a Community-Based Organization (CBO) started in 1994 and registered in 2007 and working in the area. Visit AWOC's website

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