Help me raise some start-up capital for a kids center

Help me raise some start-up capital for a kids center

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This campaign started on Feb. 26, 2019 and will close on April 26, 2019.

Akwii Suzan
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Hello friends and family am glad to share with you my campaign for startup. Am opening Jenan Kids center,  Jean kids center is an outlet that is focusing bringing quality services closer to parents. This will be opening in Soroti district which happens to be one of the virgin towns in Uganda with new opportunities coming up day by day.

From Jenan you will find the perfect outfits for the little mini-mes because we aim at satisfying your need by giving you the best. Parents will be able to shop kids cloths and chose from the variety of girls and boys and styles made for dressing kids up, taking little ones out and about and putting them to bed for the night. From toddlers cloths to kids for older boys and girls ,we will deliver the best that Moms and Dads will approve of. Cloths for kids by brand will also be show cased on our facebook page for parents who can shop online can also get access to the services.

The outlet will be stocked with girls sizes 4-6x and 7-16x for boy not forgetting the toddlers  sizes including the great baby shower gifts and much more to come.

Education Product

When it comes to Kids we give them the best ranging from clothes to education and so on this is because they are the future of tomorrow. The Store will also be stocked with the kids Educational products, the store will not only have a shopping center but we will also host free classes for kids almost every weekend at our store along with a free weekly story time for kids of all ages. The classes will also include special handcraft, reading from popular children's books, bible stories, we will also be stocked with scholastic materials and sometime give a ways which will enable them learn effectively.

Just like they say " WORK WITHOUT PLAY MAKE JILL A DULL GIRL", the store will also be equiped with kids play toys of all ages including adults. Most of these will be got from and other distributors. This is because we want to make kids play hours imaginative and exciting.

With the services to offer Jenan Kid Center will also create jobs for the community around. 

I will be grateful for everyone who will help me achieve and make this campaign a success. 

I welcome comments you can also reach me through the inbox i will find you messages and get back to you 

Thank you 


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