Humble Request For Educational Funding For Stellah.

Humble Request For Educational Funding For Stellah.



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This campaign started on Dec. 28, 2019 and will close on Feb. 29, 2020.

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Hi my beloved friends and family, my name is Stellah Nabitaka. I am a mother to a 3-year-old boy,Makisimlian and a l year one month stepson Victor ,living in Jomayi Nalumunye, Mutundwe in Kampala. The reason I am writing to you is because I am in desperate need of financial assistance to pay tuition fees for a Tourism and Travel management course specializing in Cabin Crew Services because l can't afford it on my own. This course is being offered by Kubis Aviation College located on Greenland Towers along Kampala Road beginning in September 2019. This Cabin Crew Service course costs 2,630 US Dollars approximately 9,862,500/- with a study period of 9 months. Unfortunately, I am unable to afford the required tuition fees to enroll for the course in January 2020 or September if am not able to raise the funds by end of this year. I lost my mother at a tender age and I was raised by 2 great organizations when l was still young in all their best ability to provide all the basic needs for me including education up to the certificate level of education. Because I am a very hardworking, focused and determined woman, while l was still in college, l pursued a certificate in Tourism & Travel Management but l wasn't able to upgrade to the diploma due to some bad decisions l made in my teenager age,and it's now that l have made peace with everything plus having my son around is such a strong hold. My son encourages me to work harder so that l can give him a better life and future and this is why l want to go back to school..Thus, I applied for jobs and had the opportunity of working at different jobs as a Nanny, a entrainment manager and Waitress, which positively impacted on my life by developing my skills in customer care, hospitality and sales. The different job experiences actually made me realize the passion I had for working in the tourism and travel industry because I loved interacting with different people and catering to their needs. These jobs were also able to provide the basic needs for my son and I but not sufficient enough to allow me accumulate and save the required amount for the tuition fees for the cabin crew service course for college and all necessities. Am in a good position to go back to school emotionally and physically and the only limitation in this is the financial support. Please come through and let's walk this journey together. My son is the main reason why l would like to upgrade and get a higher educational level in Tourism and Travel management which will improve our lives and pave way for a better future for him. Of course, I also have great passion, interest and zeal to work as a cabin crew service member for one of the prestigious Airlines or Marine business entities because l love traveling, interacting with different people and adventuring in the world. l am committed to being successful despite my current circumstances. Through this initiative, l believe I will motivate young single mothers to never giving up on their dreams no matter what life throws at them. l also pray and hope that God will enable me to work hard and own my aviation school to help other underprivileged young adults like me. Your help can make my dream a reality and change my life completely for the better. Therefore, l kindly appeal to anyone out there who would love to extend a hand of compassion and generosity towards me and send any financial contribution to the details below; My appointed treasurer to mobilize the funds for this cause is me, Stellah Nabitaka. Kindly send her your kind contribution under my name. Here are some of the ways you can make a donation; Through online, through mobile money transaction or western union or through the numbers below;  

0788745514 OR 0700719951.

l thank you in advance for taking off time your busy schedule to read my letter. May God bless you more abundantly as you contribute generously towards my tuition fees for the cabin crew service course.   Yours truly,Stellah Nabitaka.

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