#SupportMuwado The Social Network That Wants to Pay Users

#SupportMuwado The Social Network That Wants to Pay Users


Kampala, Uganda

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This campaign started on Oct. 9, 2019 and will close on Dec. 31, 2019.

Roland Byagaba Niwagaba
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#SupportMuwado The African Social Network That Wants to Pay Users

Hello. We are Muwado, an ambitious African social network dedicated to rediscovering and rethinking our brilliant African storytelling culture. The world is changing, the robots are coming for the remaining formal jobs and creative pursuits have been identified as one of the last frontiers for the future of human work. We are therefore applying the philosophies of ubuntu and wealth redistribution to the social networking business model in order to crack capitalism for (primarily) the (African) creative economy.

What do we mean by this and how will we go about it? The summarized idea is to enable users earn from their content. We won't claim to be the first ones doing it, but we plan to do it differently by picking characteristics we like from all the other people doing similar work and combining those with a focus on benefiting the African story teller first and fast. Whatever revenue we make will be split as fairly as possible between us and the users that upload content. Earnings will be calculated depending on how much content a user uploads and how well it’s received by members and visitors to the site. This is what we are building frantically towards.

We are therefore crowdfunding for seed capital to enable us grow rapidly and have the users enjoy the benefits we are promising as soon as possible. The team is already investing a sizeable chunk of their savings into the project but it can only go so far because of the magnitude of the undertaking. So, we are asking for your support. We think this idea stands to benefit many people on a large scale and we are asking you to help us make this positive social-economic impact possible.

We shall use these funds to get our overworked technical team some assistance in developing the different platform features, upgrade our systems so we can handle the growth demands and marketing efforts to reach the number of users and content that will enable us to monetize and pay the content creators sensible amounts.

On a lighter side note, whereas I admire the spirit of giving for social causes like weddings, sickness and burial, I don’t see marriage in my near future and, higher powers willingly, don’t plan on falling critically sick or dying any time soon. What I want to do is build this business which has the potential to give so many users the economic freedom to afford these social expenses. So, I’m humbly asking you to contribute for this as if you were contributing to my wedding. Heck, if one follows the finding the right business similarities to dating analogy, I used in the Muwado manifesto, one might say I am getting married to this business. If you are dating an entrepreneur, you probably know what I am talking about.

If you are not able to support financially, there’s still other ways you can help. For the math to make sense, we need plenty of users that are contributing content as often as possible. That good good content that you just have to pass around for others to enjoy. Those opinion pieces you send to the newspapers, bring them and have them reposted on your Muwado profile. Those short stories you are posting in groups, forums and magazines all over the internet, bring them to us as well. Those long-form status updates and notes on Facebook, give them a second more formal home on Muwado. Those beautiful pieces you are uploading on Medium and LinkedIn, upload them to Muwado too. Those well-crafted twitter threads, have them as articles on Muwado too. YouTube vids, SoundCloud podcasts and music - embed them on Muwado (as we build the server capacity for you to upload the content direct to us as well) and boost your views from here too. Instagram galleries, give them a flowing layout on Muwado. The finished articles and stories that you don’t know where to upload them because editors and gatekeepers won’t let you prosper or they don’t fit within your blog focus, give them a home on Muwado. The unfinished drafts that you are not sure people will like, use Muwado as your testing ground to see how people react.

So, dear established and aspiring African content creator and consumer, support us and/or help us identify and bring this kind of content our way. Grow with us and let us build the kind of capacity where the finances start to make sense dear established and aspiring African content creator and consumer, to join and share your content on Muwado.

Thank you.

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