Transform Rakai-Uganda by Constructing a Community Center

Transform Rakai-Uganda by Constructing a Community Center


Kooki-Rakai, Uganda

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This campaign started on Aug. 20, 2019 and will close on Dec. 14, 2019.

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Construct a Community Centre in Rakai, an area in Uganda with a population of over 10,000 in total poverty. Lets educate children, do counseling & sensitise communities to farm to eradicate Poverty.

Giving Heart is planning to transform kooki, by having a community centre that will have a school, health centre and community based programs for farming and saccos for saving and investment, so that we lift and transform the lives of people in this poverty stricken area.

With over 10,000 residents kooki is heavily occupied and borders southern Uganda and Tanzania. There's no enough trade between the two countries and therefore most people around rely on fishing and subsistence farming to get a meal.

It is this prospect that tells us with good sensitization and deliberate development programs this place can actually become a food basket for the two countries and also improve their social lives that are still held by cultural beliefs.

We expect the centre to provide civic education, strengthen formal education and reduce child marriages and child labor that are eating up the region. Rakai is known for child marriages which is fueled by lack of education in the region, young boys go into marijuana, betting and all sorts of bad influence due to luck of attention and better options.

A Community school and sensitization drive to get parents involved can do a great deal in the region. Local leaders have to be coaxed to let go of cultural norms that cause early marriages affecting young girls and know education is important and can save the region. Be taught proper hygiene to reduce unnecessary and malaria deaths.

A healthcare facility probably a health centre III, will reduce the high mortality death rates in the region; Delivering culturally and early marriages have not helped. So we plan to hold counseling services and marriage counseling will be Paramount in order to see a drastic change in the region.

Human capital investment, cooperatives, community farming, saccos and modern farming technics are to be emphasised as we plan to have community engagement programs at the centre; these shall include agricultural workshops, saving and planning seminars, farming competitions and recreational activities.

This program is expected to run for not less than four years of which we expect the community to be fully revamped and transformed by the fifth year for which we plan to have the local leaders take it on as we look to transform other areas in Uganda.

We are fully persuaded that this is what this community needs in order to transform from absolute poverty to self sustaining. However this needs an amount of money that we currently do not possess. That said the cause is so great to be derailed by money. We have begun with educating children as we fundraise and manage the resources at hand. A smile and satisfaction from a changed life is more rewarding and worth the dream.

We therefore call all concerned and well wishers to join hands and transform this region. We stand by biblical values and have Isaiah 58:10-12 as our theme scripture.

Thanks so much for making the world a better place. Be Blessed.


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