Water Saving Innovation for Climate Change Adaptation

Water Saving Innovation for Climate Change Adaptation



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This campaign started on April 25, 2019 and will close on Aug. 18, 2019.

Farmers in Uganda know and see the effects of climate change and how its costing them. Not only is it hard to plan for the seasons which are dwindling now but also, the long spells of drought are causing them to lose much of their yield and to cease cultivation altogether in dry seasons. The solution to this is irrigation but most farmers cannot afford an irrigation system as it is costly.

I have designed an environmentally friendly and affordable water saving irrigation system which is the perfect solution for the farmers through out Uganda. In addition to this, the irrigation system is over 80% efficient , has a long life span and reduces on labor cost.

Our strategy is to find 20 local suppliers under contract to fabricate the pipes, sell to us and we install for the farmers . In addition to installation of the irrigation system, we shall provide a short course on climate change causes and best practices for adoption to the staff of every site where we install this system ; This is because we believe the most sustainable strategy has to start will changing the mindset and and handing out the tools like irrigation. Our objective is to improve the life of the farmer.

We need to raise an an approximate total of 2,782,000 UGX for the first field to be installed. This shall include payment for suppliers, transportation of materials, payment of professional and casual labor, Tank and other irrigation accessories among others

Supporting this cause will not only mean that farmers will be cultivating through out the year hence increased revenue but also improve the lives of their families and provide long term employment for many Ugandans i.e fabricators

Support that can be given to this cause at any momenta and in any form, will work towards the adaption of proper environmentally sound technology and control father degradation from use of plastics and control the effects of climate change on the water and against farmers.

Thank you for your interest.

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