Promoting Your Campaign

Connect with your audience through out the duration of the campaign. Your community will make your campaign successful.
  1. Creating a campaign is free
  2. Publish campaign when you're ready
Start Your Campaign

1. The magic 30%

Not only are most of the contributions done in the first 30% of the campaign's timeline but also campaigns that get 30% funding end up being successful. We advice you to target 30% of your funding at 30% of your timeline (30-at-30) for a successful campaign. You can make up for any slumps in rate of contributions in your campaign timeline towards the last fifth of a campaign timeline if you have successful achieved the 30-at-30.

2. Use your email contacts

Create a concise personalised summary of your story with your campaign link in an email. Create a schedule and send this email to contacts in your address book. Contributors who visit a campaign page from a link in an email tend to give 42% more on average. Using a friendly and personal tone ask friends to email 5-10 of their friends on behalf of your campaign.

3. Use social media

Use the share buttons to get the campaign link in social media through Twitter and Facebook. Your campaign should have a social media handles to engage your contributors. Try to avoid spamming your friends via social media! Put effort into creating relevant personal updates on social media.

4. Engage contributors

Reply to contributors' comments and replies via social media. Talk to your caontributors to answer all they questions, keep them in the loop or just simply say thank you. Use new ways to involve your community and renew their interest. Post campaign updates at least once every week about challenges or achievements to people who either watched or contributed. Usually the more updates a campaign posts, the more funding it gets.

5. Campaign rewards

You can introduce new rewards during your campaign to renew interest and incentive to contribute to your campaign. Featuring one of your best or latest rewards to the top of the campaign page can drive contributions at that level.