Creating Your Campaign

Ensure the of your campaign by focusing on your idea, establishing a feasible timeline, and creating a great pitch with compelling rewards.
  1. Creating a campaign is free
  2. Publish campaign when you're ready
Start Your Campaign

1. Sign up for an account

Before you start your campaign you need to signup for an account on Akabbo. Signup here. Ensure you complete your profile with your full name and avatar. This will help people know you more and add credibility about to your campaign. People find it easier and comfortable to caontribute to people they trust.

2. Relevant information

You should have text and media relevant to your campaign. Choose a title that summarises your campaign. Collect your story, images and Youtube videos that will explain and engage your contributors. Your story should be concise and to the point and should communicate what your goal, reason why you need this goal and impact this campaign will have. Also have a location you can associate with your campaign. Make sure to spell check your title and story before publishing your campaign.

3. Calculate your timeline

Think of when to start and when to end. Take advantages of seasons and holidays in case they are relevant to your campaign. You should also give yourself enough time to market your campaign to the community and engage people. Also if you have rewards you'll need to have enough time to fulfil them.

4. Set a goal

This is important. It should both be achievable in your. People will not campaign to your campaign if they believe your goal is not achievable or that your campaign will not be a success.

5. Campaign early

Most contributions to campaigns happen within the first 30% of the timeline. You need to market your campaign in this time to get as much as possible in thi time period. Make sure you drive traffic to your campaign by sharing the link on email, SMS and social media.

6. Publish your campaign

After preparing your all your information and entering. Make sure to publish your campaign. The community will be able to browse for the campaign and contribute when the campaign timeline starts. But you can share the link before it starts to preview and pre marketing advise.